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The Jackson Township Police Department currently employs 12 full-time officers. The department provides police protection 24 hours a day, covering an area of approximately 23 square miles, and a population consisting of 4,000 residents, as well as the campus of the Seneca Valley High SchoolIntermediate School and Middle School, (part of the Seneca Valley School District), which almost doubles the daily population of the township when school is in session.

All officers have met the minimum requirements mandated by the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers’ Education & Training Commission, at the time of hire. All officers have continued with further training, each in their own specialties.

The department is equipped with seven marked units and two unmarked units. The patrol cars are equipped with first aid supplies, fire extinguishers, laptop computers and VASCAR units, as well as the seven main patrol vehicles being equipped with Mobile Video Recording devices. All officers are assigned their own vehicles to enhance the life of the vehicles, reduce maintenance costs, and to encourage accountability of the fleet.

In addition to providing police coverage to the community, the department also deploys three School Resource Officers to the Seneca Valley High School secondary campus on a full-time basis.

140 Magill Road
Zelienople, PA 16063
United States

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