For Business Owners

Jackson Township is committed to providing the business community with the resources and environment it needs to thrive in our town.

Occupancy, Alarm & Sign Permits

A Certificate of Occupancy is required for each business and each location. Home-based businesses must comply with the residential zoning ordinances.  See Chapter 27 of the Township Ordinance including but not limited to section 27-1809 Home occupations and section 27-1810 No-impact home-based businesses. A sign permit is required before erecting any sign, banner, etc.  See Chapter 27 Part 20 of the Jackson Ordinance for more information. Alarm systems must meet standards specified in Chapter 13 of the Jackson Ordinance and a permit is required.

Payroll Tax Withholding & Local Services Tax

Every employer is required to withhold Local Earned Income Tax and Local Services Tax for employees and submit it quarterly to Berkheimer & Associates.

Special Situations

Certain types of businesses must obtain licenses specific to the nature of their business.  Chapter 13 of the Jackson Ordinance describes these requirements. Additionally, township zoning may impose additional restrictions on some business activity.  This information can be found in Chapter 27 of the Jackson Ordinance.