Residential Trash Service

Vogel Disposal Service, Inc

Waste Management


The Township does not have a specific company that all residents must use for recycling. Residents may choose the private company of their choice for their recycling needs*.

*The small green recycling bins are being phased out and new residents should use a "cart/toter." The carts allow the collection to be automated which is safer and more productive; but also give residents more capacity for recycling materials. Residents can call Seneca Landfill's main office customer service to request a recycling cart/toter at 724-625-9000.  

Cable and Internet

Television: 1-877-277-5711
Internet and Phone: 1-877-486-4666


Pennsylvania American Water
info [at] amwater.com

Sewer Authority

Western Butler County Authority (WBCA)

WBCA services certain areas of the Township. Contact WBCA for service information. For non-serviced areas of on-lot systems, you must come into the Township Office and complete the Application for On-Lot Sewage Disposal System Permit and pay all applicable fees. Please refer to the on-line Site Evaluation/Application to obtain helpful information on determining an appropriate site for your septic system. Septic System questions and detailed information can be directed to the Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO), Doug Duncan at 724-679-4860.