Southwestern Butler Council of Governments (COG)

Officials from local municipalities within the Butler County recognized that they share many issues confronting the area independent of their political boundaries and that any solutions to their problems and the programs that they formulated to meet their common needs will have a greater chance of success if they are undertaken jointly and in a cooperative manner.

Therefore, the representatives of the Townships of Jackson and Lancaster and the Boroughs of Harmony and Zelienople joined together to form the “Southwestern Butler Council of Governments” (“SWBCOG”).

The goal of the SWBCOG is to improve the quality of life for the residents of southwestern Butler County in the face of increasing pressures due to economic and population growth. They believe that this goal can best be achieved through cooperative efforts by the municipalities in southwestern Butler County and involves combining our various resources to meet regional challenges which may be beyond our individual capabilities.

As a voluntary organization of local governments, the key to the success of the SWBCOG is for all municipal officials to exhibit a strong commitment to seek solutions to shared common problems within the area.