Southwest Stormwater Planning Group

Starting in 2019, Evans City, Harmony and Zelienople Boroughs and Jackson Township have been meeting to identify stormwater infrastructure needs and seek necessary funding.

The goal of education and implementation of stormwater management standards is to protect the waters for aquatic life, water supply, recreation and fish consumption, and build support for the stormwater management program and promote environmental engagement in the community.

The communities in Southwestern Butler County have been negatively affected by flooding and other stormwater impacts, including erosion occurring as the result of intense rainfalls. There has been significant property damage, residents have lost irreplaceable possessions, businesses have lost income and there have been countless hours of clean up, all while being uncertain of when the storm will next occur and what that impact will be. 

Record-breaking rainfalls in recent years have forced municipalities to scramble to find solutions to reduce these impacts. Addressing these issues has been challenging for reasons that include historical development in the floodway and floodplain, lack of project funding and lack of cooperation across political boundaries.

To read more about Stormwater Management in Southwestern Butler County, please click on the brochure PDFs below.