• Pending Ordinances and Hearings



    JUNE 18-JUNE 23, 2018







    PROHIBITED ITEMS            

    –Furniture –Live ammunition/explosives
    –Tires (off the rim) 2 per family  –Oversized tires, tires on rims
    –Empty (or dried up) paint cans       –Liquids
    –Large & small appliances (Must be tagged that Freon has been

    properly evacuated by a licensed professional.)

          –Propane cylinders
    –Metals (keep separate)
    –Motor Oil (keep separate, do not mix with

    anything else

    –Batteries (keep separate)
    –UNBROKEN E-Waste: Computer towers, keyboards,

    printers, other peripherals,   


    Television & Computer Monitors – LIMIT 1 PER COUPON


    Acceptance of E-Waste is limited to this week only for Jackson Twp. residents.  Electronic waste (E-Waste) must be recycled.  Butler County sponsors additional recycling programs for electronics and Household Hazardous Waste.  For more information visit www.recyclebutler.us or call Butler County Department of Recycling and Waste Management at 724-284-5305.

    All household appliances MUST BE TAGGED that Freon has been properly evacuated.  Please contact the Department of Environmental Protection for more information at 814-332-6945.

  • Road Construction UPDATE

    Township Road Department Projects:  Spring and Summer


    The Township Road Department has scheduled to complete the following projects in the spring and summer of 2018.  Much of the work conducted by the Department involves berming of roads, grading of ditch lines, and substantial drainage projects that aid in lowering the costs of associated pavement projects.  While some projects are scheduled in concert with and as part of larger public works projects, others aim to address property-specific issues based on problems and issues identified by property owners and the Township.  While the scheduled dates may change based on weather events and other factors, the Township will adhere to the following overall schedule:

    April through Mid-May

    • Installation of a pipe extension under Gudekunst Road at SR 19 to accommodate a larger throat to Gudekunst Road. The project involves fill of the area and installation of a new guiderail.  The project is associated with the installation of a traffic light at SR 19, Gudekunst and Tollgate School Roads slated for later this year.  (Duration: One Week)
    • Fanker Road Drainage and Berm Work. The project involves the installation of catch basins on both sides of the westerly portion of Fanker Road.  It also involves the reconstruction and, in some cases, paving of shoulders along Fanker Road that have settled since its recent paving.  (Duration:  Two Weeks)

    Mid-May through Mid-June

    • Tollgate School Road Drainage Work. In conjunction with the planned paving overlay of Tollgate School Road, the Township will install a series of catch basins along the road and will install additional gravel shoulder backup to be paved in summer or early fall.
    • Miscellaneous Drainage Work. In cooperative with property owners, the Township will install catch basins, end walls, and associated facilities at specific sites throughout the Township, including East Kaufman Road, Magill Road at the Conway Sportsmen’s Club, and Textor School Road near the railroad crossing.

    May through July

    • Mowing of road banks throughout the Township.
    • Ditch grading throughout the Township.
    • Installation of catch basins and shoulder work on Pattison Street Extension from Cranberry to just north of Ramsey Road in advance of paving overlay scheduled later this year.
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  • Swift Reach Implementation

    swift reachIn our efforts to provide more reliable communications with Residents and Businesses in the Township, we have contracted with SwiftReach Networks, Inc. as our Emergency Notification service provider.

    Swift911™ is a system that makes phone calls to specific people or areas in the event of an emergency or for sharing important information. These messages may include information on fires, road closures, evacuation orders and weather emergencies. All the calls you receive will have the Caller ID of ‘Jackson Township’. In addition to phone calls this system can also send text messages and emails.

    In order to have the system fully functional and to make sure you are going to receive the alerts please take a moment to visit the portal and add or update your contact information, the system currently only includes listed numbers. Your information will not be provided to any outside agencies or companies. You may also remove yourself from our lists. Click Here to join.

  • Road Complaint or Code Violation

    Please click here to be taken to the appropriate forms.